KOK – Developing Lafayette


Late in the Fall Semester of 2016 at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette(ULL),  four friends & fraternity brothers, Avery Bell, Corey McCoy, Tre’Jan Vinson, and Jared Johnson decided to cook for a few friends at their 117 Klinton Street residence. And while cooking for friends out of your home’s kitchen is perfectly acceptable and is a great way to throw a get-together, but it isn’t a business. However, the four friends knew that they wanted to be in business with each other. So Avery and Corey had the idea that maybe the four could go into business together in the food industry cooking tasty wings & fries like they have done so many times for their close friends. So the guys started catering for lots of parties, small get-togethers, churches, and even popping up a tent at local fairs—calling themselves, Kitchen On Klinton(KOK).