Team KK



We know you’ve heard of it. “Sweet Heat” , Klinton Konfidential, Crack! All great things have multiple names and our signature sauce is no different. If we described it you would know too much! Just try it!  (Our hottest sauce on the menu)



Waay back on Klinton St, a DAY ONE customer created this flavor from a combination of two legends. KK and Sweet Rub. Ever since then  everyone’s favorite side piece is this highly addicting flavor! Mixing flavors is a tradition at KOK and having a night with Sum Nasty is always worth it. 



Its argued who originally thought to mix our signature flavor KK with one of the richest flavors on the menu in our Honey Garlic Rub, but whoever did it was a genius! When you’re done dating KK and tired of sneaking around with Sum Nasty, move on to the next phase of your life with Sum Serious. This one should have you stuck for a while.